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XTR Analog 08 Telephone Recorder


XtR Analog Recorder 08 Phone Recording Devices provide a centralized PC Telephone Recorder solution for applications with 8 Lines or Analog devices.

XtR Analogue 08 Phone Call Recorder comes complete with BackOffice Computer Phone Recording software and Call Manager 3.0 PC Phone Recorder administration software. This Call Recording Software resides on a Telephone Call Recording computer in the PBX room. Combine with the Analogue 02, Analogue 04 or Analogue 08 Phone Recording Systems that in turn are connected to the analogue extension wiring of your telephone system, or directly onto your incoming analog lines.

The Analog Phone Recording Systems combine the Analog 02,04 or 08 Phone Recording Devices to meet the needs and requirements of most users. The Phone Recording Device can be set to record analog lines or any audio signal such as radio channels if desired.

Playback of calls is done using the included Call Manager PC Phone Recording Software interface for Supervisors. Calls can be stored on the Phone Record PC and played back using this included Phone Recording Software.

PC Phone Recorders and Equipment

  • Mix any combination of digital Phone Voice Recorders and analog Phone Recorders on the same PC using the included BackOffice Phone Call Recorder Software.
  • Stack up to 5 XtR Analog Phone Recording devices per PC and can combine with Digital 04/16 Call Recorder equipment on same Voice Phone Recorder Computer system, up to 48 combined Call Recording ports
  • Direct line or behind PBX Computer Phone Recorder
  • Recording Phone Calls Caller ID and digits dialed using our included PC Call Recording Software
  • Audio balancing on per port basis for Recording Phone Calls
  • Phone Recording calls stored anywhere on your network
  • Ignor short Phone Calls Recording setting - eliminates very short recordings
  • Archive management through Software Phone Recording on a per channel basis
  • Simple to set-up Phone Recorder Device and change Software Phone Recorder as needed.

Also available:

XtR Analogue 02
XtR Analogue 04

XtR Analog Recorder 08 Phone Recording Devices provide a centralized PC Telephone Recorder solution for applications with 8 Lines or Analog devices.

Intelligent Recording is a Telephone Recording Equipment company. Our main offerings include: Phone Call Recorders and Digital Phone Recorders.

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